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Tuomo Rainio

Saturday 27 march 2010

Picturing the unseen - from representation to vision

My work starts by pointing out a question. An existential question: What is being and how does it change to non-being? The essence of my works constitutes itself around the subject of change. This entails the change in movement, motion as well in between moments. I experience the world opening constantly itself into the presence but simultaneously closes into the evanescence. This movement is constant and becomes manifested in the differing of being. The moment can last from a fraction of a second to millennium, but the duration, scale of time is irrelevant.

The question of image has an important role in my work. Making images is not a question of what, but a question of how something becomes an image. I find the question more philosophical than a technical one. In my recent works I have been influenced by digital culture. I'm not strictly committed to any specific medium and I find my methods related the post-photography or trans-medium. I developed some optical based tools and computer programs to expand the photography from light sensitive to motion sensitive recording system. This opened new possibilities develop the works based on the concept of movement, change and difference.

In the video works the seen reality is reduced into a sequential continuum, which becomes visual through changes. Recorded image material is developed with a computer program, which draws out the image according to the changes happening in the surface of the image. Thus the motion is the difference of individual images taken from the same place in different time. The questions of relation of space and time but also the more abstract themes of appearing and fading are both present in these moving images.

The subject for my photographic is the simultaneity of presence and absence of human existence. People in the works are represented as present and absent at the same time. Technically, all of these images are based on two photographs and their post-photographic double exposure. Images are generated by a simple algorithm, so that everything that is similar in two photographs is filtered out and only the difference is made visible. This same technique is used also for the video works. Image sequences are processed to visualize what is between the single images. Some of the works show only the changes, while others show the slow process of an image appearing from the accumulating changes.

My recent works follow a shift from a recording to a performance and installation, from past tense to present tense. Starting from photography and the wish of preserving, moving towards the moving image with the urge to capture the change and then finally end up with an live image that appears and disappears in a constant movement. I see there also a shift from representational image to the visionary image. I'm trying to make an image not a record but an event, that resembles the fundamental structure of life in a constant process of changes.

Tuomo Rainio was born in Espoo, Finland, in 1983. He has graduated as Bachelor of Arts from the Photographic Department of University of Art and Design Helsinki and is continuing his studies within MA program at the same university. In year 2007-08, he has been studying as an exchange student at Musashino Art University. Rainio is mainly working with digital video and photography exploring universal themes such as existense, individuality and evanescense.