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Platform Photography

Platform Photography is a collaboration between:

The Centre for Photography (CFF)
Bildmuseet at Umeå University
The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) at Stockholm University

Platform Photography is a project that aims to examine, embrace, analyse and present contemporary photographic practices in Sweden.

  • Its focus is nothing less than an inclusive and comprehensive trans-, inter- and multi-disciplinary analysis and representation of contemporary photographic practices.
  • Included in its scope are the popular and professional, amateur and scientific, as they extend throughout society, disciplines, media and discourses today.
  • Platform Photography provides a horizontal narrative that offers a fully panoramic and/or democratic approach. It embraces an immersion into photography which is open to all existing practices that make actual or conceptual/metaphorical use of photographic or lens-based technologies.
  • The project attempts an exceptional and non-hierarchical description of photography, depicting the truly manifold characteristics of photographic imagery from the perspective of producers and consumers - makers and users of imagery.
  • Platform Photography asks, “What is photography?” and looks for the answer in terms of theoretical analysis/speculation and the investigation of actual ongoing practices.

Our investigation commences with a set of national presentations covering a range of photographic practices from an international perspective.
Each country’s representative is asked to name, identify and present a broad mapping of photographic practices in her/his country today; a contemporary snapshot of the current uses and means of photographic communication.
This suggests, for example, the involvement of photographic practices within the fine arts as well as journalistic and documentary photography, vocational photography and amateur practices, aspects of research and thinking about photography, as well as education and training.
Click the link to see films of the national presentations in English.
National presentations >>

The second stage of the project explores photography in Sweden through a series of presentations.
The speakers represent different contemporary photographic practices in Sweden. Every presentation consists of two lectures. The first gives a theoretical background making an overview of the practice and the second is by a practitioner who presents more of a case study.
As an extension of these presentations, a survey will be conducted of Swedish photographers about how they use, and relate to, photography as a means of communication. They will be asked their opinions on the digital revolution and how they view their future as photographers.

In the third stage of Platform Photography, further investigations will be conducted with a more contextual approach.
Online discussions will also be initiated on topics related to contemporary photography. The first two online-discussions will be held in English. The series of presentations will be documented and available on this webpage.
Platform photography concludes with a symposium. There will also be a digital publication covering the entire project. This will be available in spring 2010 as Platform Photography draws to a close.